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Ripping ps/ps2 games.


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Thx for the advice. I have one more question, If i rip the image on another computer do i need a blank dvd cd or can i just burn it on a reg cd?

Well, if you rip a PS2 DVD, then naturally you'll need DVD-R. For PS2 CD-ROMs a normal CD-R should suffice.

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O just want it on my computer but i don't have a dvd rom, my grandfdather does and i was just going to get the image and put it on a reg cd so i can just put it on my computer. Does anyone know how big MegaMan X7 is?? would just the image fit ona reg cd?

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The most obvious solution is to down grade teh quality of the sounds/fmvs.


Unless you know where to get these DVDs that hold more then 4.7 GB. I mean I have like 2 that are about 7.5gig DVD+rs, my cousin gave em to me.

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