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my uncle has a pc with a 370 processor, hes got some games that dont quite run so well and he is coming with me and my dad this weekend to get some upgrades and wants to know which graphics card to get?

i told him he would pushed to get newer games running good with a little girly processor like that,

i think a geforce card would be the best bet?

its for my uncles kid they dont really know much about pcs?

i was woundering will it run the graphics card and which mid range card i should reccomend him?

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first of all i think you should investigate if your uncle´s pc motherboard supports agp, if it doesn´t then you should buy a pci one, even having a good card the pc will be limited on the processor and memory, a geforce 2 mx will be more than enough, maybe way too good for it, so maybe a tnt2 should bew the best option

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yeah man got ya, so what do i go for?

i need one for a freind as well his pc is a 750 mghz pro and he is after a boost to we are of this weekend to the shop.

i was thinking a mid range graphics[geforce maybe] card for my freind and for my uncle well i dunno maybe he should just upgrade.

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Hw can you tell on widows 98 if your graphics slot is PCI or AGP.

May i have to look in my freinds pc?

this is the finall question i have on graphics cards.

his pc has no manuals he bought it of del boy trotter :evil:

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A PCI slot is a white slot situated close to the edge of the motherboard.

An AGP slot is a brown slot, situated farther back from the edge of the motherboard, and further back from the rest of the PCI slots.

There's more to it, but I won't get technical with you, and just try to keep it simple for you.

And yes, you will need to open the PC up and have a look.

You can tell if current graphics are PCI or AGP in you're PC's operating system or bios. But it may be onboard, and having onboard AGP, there generallly isn't an AGP slot too.

Just crack er open and look for what I initially told you.

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