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[8/17/04] Doom III

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Shenmue would never make a good movie. Not directly.


"Do you know where I can find some sailors?"

"I'm looking for the four woodoo."

"How about a game of lucky hit?"

"Wanna try lucky hit?"




Watch Mega64 if you've never seen it.

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Hey Fatal, don't know whether you thought Shenmue was a good story or a bad one. ????


I think it is pretty good. Not as good as many movies obviously, but for games it is quite good. Especially with the Shen Hua section and that lovely cherry blossom tree. Don't get that crystal bit at the end of Shenmue 2 though. :rolleyes:


Anyway, it may get finished. Shenmue Online is coming soon, and if this sells well enough, someone may give Yu Suzuki a few million dollars to make part 3. :lol::P:D


I hope so. I want to get Lan Di.

Yea I meant good story.

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