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[8/17/04] Doom III

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Next game I plan to do is Half-Life 2.



Naw, i'll prolly end up doing stalker =o


Right now, my current goal is finishing Knights of the Old Republic so I can review it.

Here I'll review it...



System: MS-BOX, PC



KOTOR owns you! It's the best Star Wars game ever! It's one of the best game's ever!


Graphics: 10/10

Sound: 10/10

Gameplay: 100/10

Speed: 9/10


Overall: 32.25 S+++


NOTE1: All the quotes in my sig are from that game. HK47 is the second coolest robot, ever!

NOTE2: I plan on reviewing Shadowrun soon.

NOTE3: I've changed my sig since this post.

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I didnt like Doom 3 at all. A big let down. I would prefered the game to have worse graphics to allow for multiple enemies on screen at once like the original Doom. Multiple enemies was the whole point of Doom, and id just turned it into a generic FPS but with a scary atmosphere. Far too repetitive and un-fun for me.


EDIT: I decided to have a quick go when my brother went out one day, and all I managed to do was listen to 5000 audio logs to try and get into an armoury or something. Why can't they just list all the key codes once you have listened to the complete drivel the pretend employees have spouted? Complete waste of time.

Sorry about that, just frustrated by them...

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Haha, the screenshots look pretty good. no enemies in there yet, and it probably can't handle about 20 imps at once. But imagine the whole Doom done like this...wow :D

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I like your review Gryphon, but I think 8/10 for gameplay was a tad much. You said that the games major downfall was the mediocre gameplay. From reading, it sounds as if the basicness of the game frustrated you a little and I think you could have elaborated a bit more.


Good review, just don't feel bad for slating games. The graphics rule, it is certainly the scariest game ever (resident evil in first person would be BAD) but you could have marked it down a bit.


I say:

Graphics: 10

Sound: 9

Gameplay: 4


Overall: 5.5 - Quite Average other than graphics etc


And yes, I loved the original Doom and some people might be sharp to say you have to play the original to appreciate it, but I disagree. Playing the original just highlights how basic this game is. Although Doom was the first FPS, I still think it had the best game design in an FPS so far. Only Quake 1 (and maybe 2) has rivalled the single player of the original Doom.


Just my opinion though, I don't care for the game enough to do a full review, I'm just summarising.

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Well there wasn't much to elaborate on the gameplay since it was so plain. :P But next time I'll try to go more indepth. One reason I didn't give it a lower gameplay score was that I didn't feel the game was greatly affected by the lack of it. Despite its simplistic gameplay, I had fun playing. Also, I wasn't expecting anything in the gameplay department so I wasn't really disappointed. :P


I can't wait to play Half Life 2 since it looks like it has some great gameplay...GET RELEASED!!! AAH!


Yeah, I don't think many games are worth 5 CDs besides RPGs like Baldur's Gate. PC games should all be on DVD now.

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