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[8/15/04] Capcom vs. SNK 2

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this game was good, but i felt as if the SNK characters were tonned down to match the mediocraty of the Street Fighter games, but its still one of the best fighting games of all time soley from the large amount of characters, but Id rather play SVC chaos. I highly anticipate a SVC chaos 2 for Atomiswave

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Isn't roll-cancel banned in all those fancy-schmancy tournaments?


But I don't use them since I don't know how.  :rolleyes:

Actually it isn't :) Everyone uses it so much they just kept it in.


The dreamcast version is possibly the best port out of all the systems it was ported too because it keeps the originality of the arcade version(and on that note. it doesn't look like sheit).


It seems people don't know me enough, especially the new wave of newbies.

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