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RULES OF THE XBOX FORUM - required reading


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Due to recent activities, here are more specific rules for the XBOX section. I'll be fine tuning them for a little while.


1. Do not insult or abuse any other member, or the staff. This includes via PM or other means.


2. Do not badmouth the forum. Remember, you haven't paid for it, so you have no right to criticise it.


3. Do not link to competing forums, unless they are a 1emulation affiliate.


4. Stay on topic. Off topic posts will be removed.


5. Do not request roms, isos, etc.


6. You can post links to Videos, skins, wallpaper, etc.


7. You can post to homebrew/proto/never-released roms, as long as nobody could possibly lose money or raise an objection. You must remove the link after 2 weeks.


8. You can post links to emulators that run on the xbox. XBOX360 only: You must have used a fully-legal SDK.


9. We are not policemen. Thus, if you steal or use code without the author's permission, or break their licence provisions, you do so by your own actions entirely. 1emulation will not be involved in any legal actions, and will remain strictly neutral. You will be judged by your own actions for which YOU are fully responsible. If the rightful author takes you to court and wins, the issue ends with YOU - not us.


10. If an author contends that another person has stolen code, these 2 individuals may create a new thread and argue the matter publicly. Nobody else is to get involved.


11. No spamming. This includes unsolicited info about your latest project, causing a thread to go off topic.


12. What you do via PM is not public and is therefore none of our concern. However, if complaints are received of abuse, then you will be in violation of rule 1 above.





Your warning graph has 10 graduations, ranging from 0% (well behaved) to 100% (banned). Each infraction will get you an additional warning.


Old warnings will be removed after about a year, at the staff's disgression. You can speed up this process by apologising and modifying your behaviour to an acceptable level.


After a certain amount of warnings, moderators can prevent you from posting for a while, or forever. You can also be placed on Moderation, which means that nobody can see your posts until approved by a moderator. In extreme cases, you can be suspended, which effectively is a ban.


If you create a second account to get around a restriction, all your accounts will be immediately suspended. Continued activities will earn an IP ban, followed by a complaint to your service provider.



We hope that none of the above will be necessary, however it is all up to YOU. You are entirely and soley responsible for your actions here - don't bother trying to blame someone else.

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Note that today point 8 has been modified.


The original xbox has been out of production for a long time, and the matter of the origin of your SDK doesn't really matter anymore. You can link to your emulator if its on a filesharing site, affiliate or emuxtras.

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