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Bring new games to 1emu arcade

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Games shouldn't be kept or removed based on how difficult it is to beat the high score.. That would entirely defeat the purpose of setting such a high score in the first place. Unless, of course, the game is assinine like Hold or a few of the others.

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2D Pool is also lame. What, smoke a cigar, and wait then only sunk the ball in? Pointless.

You should repair the Muay thai game though.

It is a great game but very buggy.

I managed to get to level 2 then the game will freeze :)

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If you ask me, registering to an internet message board just to play games is pretty stupid.



I've been here long before the Arcade was put up Agozer......but it sure keeps me coming, and that's a good thing.

Yes, I know. Don't get me wrong, the arcade is by no means a bad thing; far from it. Those members that register because of a truckload of flash games and never bother to post a few "helloes" just for the sake of it, puzzle me.


It's pretty weird to see some of the arcade hiscores that have been made by a person I haven't heard of.

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Yeah I gottcha.....some are probably lurkers who are just feeling the board out. But yeah there are a few who you've never seen on the arcade. Plus the flash games are readily free on the net anyways!!

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Godamn.....how many first place finishes will I tally up!! I just went ahead and changed my custom title as you see it. Anon.....





Newest Champions

Sturmvogel is the new Monkey Lander champion! Today, 12:11 PM

Sturmvogel is the new Snow Boarding champion! Today, 10:20 AM

Sturmvogel is the new Rigelian Hot Shots champion! Today, 10:10 AM

Sturmvogel is the new Rong champion! Today, 08:08 AM


Latest Arcade Score

Sturmvogel Scored 17255 points playing Monkey Lander Play Monkey Lander

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