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fbaxxx 8.02

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manto has announced that he'll remove the banned drivers from the emu and source in the next version. this is due to a thread in x-s that caught lantus and fba team's eyes due to the new ini option that can allow banned games.


it was a big debate and points were made but in the end manto put a nail in the coffin

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screw their versions of fbaxxx Id rather have pr version anyday haha. jk. thanks to them for making the layout for pr. I just dont want to have to find new versions of roms that I already spent many days searching for ones that work in pricans last compile. :angry:

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nah, its just that the last fba-xxx i used (the last one i compiled hehe) cthd2003 was working fine, decrypted was never a prob except the m1 it was asking for but i got a patch to fix that.


and btw, its the same for either xbe as i tested. its very funny as some of the gfx is fine while the background and such is screwed up

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