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Connection your box to your PC


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Do you use an ordinary internet cable, or do you need a special device?

Do you need to install a special program on your PC?


I guess U already have a modded X-Box, or using an exploit :


If U don't have HUB, connect a simple crossover cable RJ45 to Ur PC & X-Box


On the PC, U can use FTP soft like FlashFXP or SmartFTP etc.

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This is probably the best setup you can use as far as getting your PC connected to xbox (via FTP) and for XBC. I have 2 NICs, one ethernet 10/100 and one PCI slot--PCI slot NIC is is ran from the back of the comp with an RJ-45 CROSSOVER(!!!) cable, while the internet is ran through the ethernet, on a star Cat-5 patch cable (should've came with modem). Easiest way to get XBC going as no need for a router(I still have ANOTHER NIC hanging around). If you need anymore help with network setup, go to www.xbchelp.com...that also explains the setup I'm currently using (which I think in their terms it's Setup C). Hope that helps a little more.

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Can I use a system link cable for this?



Yes you can if your connecting directly from pc to xbox.

No you can't actually. If you're connecting to a HUB or a router, yes, but directly from PC to XBOX you MUST use a RJ45 CROSSOVER(!!) cable...can't stress that enough. Go to your local electronics store (Radioshack, Circuit City) and they're like 10 bucks depending on where you get it.


*edit* check www.xbchelp.com for the correct network setup for the devices you have.

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