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[7/31/04] Clock Tower

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Game: Clock Tower


System: SNES


Emulators: ZSNES, SNES9X (Probobly More, but why use others?)




This is a point and click adventure-horror game for the Super Nintendo.


You're an orphaned girl, your father was a doctor. He once went on a house call and never returned...


A woman named Ms. Mary, and a man, Mr. Barrows, adopt you and your friends. You're taken to their house, a huge mansion, complete with courtyard and clock tower. Ms. Mary leaves you to get Mr. Barrows, but she's taking a while to get back...


You decide to go find her, but in the hallway, you hear a scream from behind you! You return to the foyer to find the room darkened, and you friends missing! Not a funny joke...


At this point you're left to explore the house. Some of the game's events are random, giving it some more replayability. There are a huge number of endings available, not all of which you survive through...




The more plot you uncover, the higher your ending. The game managed to scare me fairly often. I think this is mostly due to the fact that you're defenseless throughout the game. Your only choice is to run and hide most of the time. The music is also good, and adds to the scare factor.


Major downsides: The translated rom is glitched as flock. Your health will often randomly plummet to its lowest level, and one scene is very glitched, to the point that you can't tell what's happening. Also, running depletes your health. I'm not sure if it can even be called health...maybe it should be called stamina instead, that makes more sense. And lastly, it's short, very very short. Unless you try to get all the endings.


Speed: 6


GamePlay: 8


Graphics: 7


Sound: 9



Overall Score: 7.5


Grade: C+


This game is deserving of a :thumbsu:



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actually the game has been "perfectly" translated for a long while now. last time i played it, i didnt notice a lot of glitches at all and seems pretty normal. also i think it would be a total psycho game if it has blood and gore added.

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Sometimes, if you wash your hands, blood will come out instead of water.


Also, if you sit around in the lounge long enough, the TV might turn on by itself, or the picture might start bleeding.

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