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Need your help, BAD!

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Well....., my DSL connection has gone real funny lately and I can't use irc or connect to torrents. To make a long story short, I was wondering if someone would kindly send me the new MameOX.84b2 because at this point it's almost impossible to obtain and I'd like to try it out as soon as possible. It's gotten so bad that I had to type this on Xbox once(until I accidentally hit the b button twice and cleared the whole thing in linksbox). If you have a link or can host the file, that would work well too. Pleeeeeease help me, I gotta try Strider 2 and Streetfighter 1 ASAP. My email is deeshizzle@yahoo.com, thanks in advance and ANY help is appreciated. Don't give me advice on how to fix my connection, I didn't even set it up nor do I feel like going an further into the frustating experience.

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i can tell you off bat sf1 plays horrible with out the extra memory (plays choppy)


as for strider 2, i doubt that will play well

Most of Zinc games like SFEX2Plus need :


Threhold : 4 Mb

Commit size : 2048 Kb


They 'R working but, very slowly.

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That's okay, I managed to do a few things and connected to xbins last night.

I did manage to play those games and they both chugged badly.  I forgot who

PM'd me, but thanks anyway.  Asura Blade didn't work well either(daaarn).

Asura Blade works well but the sound 's a bit glitched : frameskip level 8.

Asura Blade works well but quickly : frameskip auto (level 11 in most of stages).



Strider 2 works : frameskip level 7 (disable Throttle & sound).

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