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if you have or had a nes you will surely know about river city ransom, i have found that there also games for snes, arcade and game boy,

these are the games i know, river city ransom of course, shodai nekketsu kouha kunio kun and Shin Nekketsu Kouha Kunio tachi no Bannka for snes, there is also a game called nekketsu kouha kunio kun for arcades and it´s us version is called renegade, i know ther is also a dodge ball game for snes and a game for the nes that takes place in the medieavl japan.


there is also this info o got from a faq at gamefaqs of a guy called Johny Undaunted


There have been two Arcade games, 11 Famicom (NES) games, 7 Game Boy games

and 5 Super Famicom games. There have been also ports done for the PC Engine,

Mega Drive and the X68000 (a 16-bit Japanese PC). Not to mention the Neo-Geo

version of Super Dodgeball.

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Yeah the guy has a great page with all nekketsu titles.I have them all.I grew up with these games.You can find for snes the translations for:Shin nekketsu kouha......and Shodai nekketsu kouha.And of course the game that I played for years on nes: Nekketsu kakutou densetsu

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