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well put it this way, if someone is willing to bother with kawa-x to add kof2003b i'll change my page of kawa-hex to include it.


i know by using ciccor's old trick you can just add it in place of just about any rom so it should all be in one xbe

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ok, well if you don't mind sending it; i'll remove kawa-hex from my gay but workable geocities site and replace it with the new version ;)


and if you do send it plz include a readme of the needed info thx :(

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ok kawa-x fans, i just got the xbe from mr.x but as it is right now it doesn't have all banned games added nor others like ghostlop or pochi and nyaa but i'll post it up on geocities site soon :lol:

That Hex edit Kawa-X 's not completely finished (svcplush, mslug4nd, matrimnd, samsh5nd, kof2k2nd, cthd2k3n, mslug5nd, pnyaan, ghostlop, kof97pls, zintrkcd, kf2k2pls etc 'R not added for the moment), but rotdnd, svcbooth & kof2003b 'R added.

* Removed games 'R just 4 glitched games : neocup98 (Glitched), ridheroh (Glitched), ridhero (Glitched) & ssideki4 (Glitched).



Actual supported romsets in detail :



svcbooth (SvC Chaos : SNK vs. Capcom [alt bootleg / hack])

svc_p1h.rom 6Mb

svc_m1.rom 128 Kb

svc_s1.rom 128 Kb

svc_c1.rom to svc_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

svc_v1.rom to svc_v4.rom 4 Mb / each rom



rotdnd (Rage of the Dragons [predecrypted])

264-p1n.bin 4 Mb crc32 3B0BC22B (fixed by HappyASR : useless data removed, console mode enabled & some timing issues fixed)

264-m1d.bin 128 Kb crc32 362c8d96 's recommended

rotdn_s1.rom 128 Kb

rotdn_c1.rom to rotdn_c8.rom 8 Mb / each

264-v1d.bin 8 Mb crc32 2C49F3FA

264-v2d.bin 8 Mb crc32 967279DA



kof2003b (The King of Fighters 2003 [bootleg])

271-p1b.bin 8 Mb crc32 8B729F56 (protection 's removed by ZhaoSili)

271-m1d.bin 128 Kb crc32 396E17CD (the 1st chunk from m1d of 512 Kb)

271-s1b.bin 128 Kb crc32 DF422440 's recommended

271-c1d.bin to 271-c8d.bin 8 Mb / each

271-v1d.bin to 271-v4d.bin 4 mb / each



I 'll add the other games but I need free time...

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ok, geocites site has been updated and now has the lastest kawa-x that i mentioned in my last post so plz go to the pinned topic and the link is on the first post.


just to note:

this is a free geocities site and as such it has its limts; so if you get an error page, plz try again in an hour.


also feel free to pm me with your email if you want it that way


just to note; kof2003b still has a minor prob with s1 where it doesn't display the winning comments and if you haven't noticed the s1 isn't 512k so no transparencies.


i'll also be making a post of the xbe + kof2003b rom on neogeo newsgroup (expect that tomorrow tho)


enjoy ;)

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will there be a new romcenter.dat file forthcoming also


I am having all kinds of problem getting kof 2000

2001 and 2002 running

romcenter doesn't recognize kof 2002 at all

and I'm missing kof2k_c7.rom to get 2000 to run


Maybe the included file will get my rotd running


is there something better than romcenter everybody is using?


thanks for the assist



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well 2002 wasn't supported in the original (just up 2001 games) so the dat will stay the same unless someone is willing to alter it


btw, even if kawa-x's dat said that c7 was the wrong crc that deosn't mean it won't work as is (just be sure the size is correct)


also, kawa-x uses decrypted roms so be sure to check out the pinned topic about it

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when I have loaded the game it always stops at c7

so I figure the romcenter is doing ok spotting the problem makers

it looks like I managed a working kof2000 thru the comparison work

so I guess I have to try to decrypt it


winkawaks is what I've read about most

but I haven't even seen a copy of neocrypter


any other options?


thanks for the assist



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