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emglish people please read


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i am looking for an old english friend i haven´t been in contact for years so i am not sure if his adress is still the same, he is from Newcastle i just wnated to know if there are some guide, like telephonic guides qhere i can check if he still lives in the same adress. Thnx

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Thats a tuff one?

You could go to bt and get them to mail you a phone book but i doubt it?

Also there is a web site just for the uk were you say put in the details of your freind and maybe just maybe he will go to the site and see your looking for him overwise i think its a hard job to get in contact with him?

i live a 112 miles away from newcastle i have also been there a couple of times to

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You could try BT directory enquiries.




As long as his telephone number isn't ex-directory you should be able to see if he lives at the same address on there.


Or you could try the Royal Mail




I think they should have postcode and address finders.



I hope that helps mate :P

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