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Is this true?


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I heard a rumour that XBox2 will have built in wireless internet!, i doubt its true. But then i got a scary thought!


Your xbox2 detects a mod chip and sends a warning to M$ and then they bust down your door and get you! Your only defense is to get your trusty Linux-CD-Launcher gun to fight them back with!


No really though, do you think thats a possibility? I mean the built in wireless part

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From what I've read, the next Xbox will just have a regular 10/100 Ethernet port like the current Xbox.


Further, the range of Wi-Fi devices is relatively short. Exactly who are those Xbox2s going to be beaming their "come get me" signals out to? Will Microsoft representatives park right outside my house (and every other house in America) with wireless routers, just waiting to catch me?


Are you sure you've thought this thing through? :)

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Are you sure you've thought this thing through?  :)

My toaster has wifi, then Xbox2 should have it.

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It's not about whether the Xbox2 should have WiFi - it's about whether it will - and it won't. Really, there's no reason for it. It's slower and more expensive to implement than a normal NIC. Plus, you already have A/V cables and a power cable coming out of the Xbox. Is one more cable really that big of a deal?


Also, most people don't have wireless NICs on their computers yet. MS doesn't want people to have to go out and buy more crap (well, crap not made by MS) to get Xbox Live to work. Most people already have a wired NIC, and, if they don't, they can get one for as little as $5.


Perhaps MS will make a wireless NIC as an optional add-on.

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