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Ok first the rules (Lets get those outta the way)


#1: No practice once the two competitors have connected. Practice beforehand.

#2: Everyone needs the same rom (I believe only the name must match, not the actual headers etc). We will be using Super Mario Kart (U), unzipped and in SMC form. (Trust me, it works better unzipped...sometimes refuses to work in netplay if rom is zipped)

#3: ZSnes version 1.36 to be used, version 1.377 was not an official release, and was subsequently back tracked by the devs. (It was leaked) Get it here http://www.zsnes.com/

#4: Games must be completed, if disconnection occurs.......it does not result in a disqualification. Just do it again.


Time's........well we'll have to figure those out. So when you post here signing yourself up, state the current time it is so we can figure things out.


Sign-up. First 8 people to sign up get the spots. First come first serve.



^That is where results of matches, and participants will be shown. I will update it after each match.


Opponents will be randomly drawn out of a hat by yours truly. :screwy:



I'm in! How about the rest of you?

Time here = 10pm EST












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Zzzzzzzzzzzzz "Plane 544 to base. We are going down!"


Crash and burn. I am still serious about this. If you're interested, post!

If you're a guest viewing this, register......and post!


Once we have a full roster of 8 people, match times can be decided upon.


Cmon! Sign yo butt up!

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i want to be in. but i have never played a game with someone else like this before so im not exactly sure how to do it.


I or someone else can get you going in ZSnes netplay.

Just contact myself, or someone else on here and ask.

IM me on AIM/Yahoo.


I'll add you to the list of participants. :P

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