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Yeah I know it rules. But so do most Cave games.


I also recommend DonPachi / DoDonPachi. One of my favourite scrolling shooters.


Uo Poko is also great.

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Guwange is definitely one of the best and most unique shooters out there. I have had the pcb for a little over a year, I can manage making the last level on one credit, but it gets really crazy...and the final boss is just creepy. If you liked Guwange, play ESPRaDe, easily one of Cave's best, and definitely their best on MAME. If you have a PS2 pick up Dodonpahi Dai Ou Jou, it redefines the word hard, also check out ESPGaluda..it's the prequel to ESPRaDe, and is a great game too. Galuda can't really keep it's own with the other Cave heavyweights like ESPRaDe, Progear, Ketsui..and even Guwange, but it's still an excellent game. Cave also has a new game coming out in November called "Mushihime-Sama" and it looks incredible too, and is currently the only Cave pcb I don't have. :) I wish the release date would hurry itself up...

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