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PJ64 Netplay


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We need netplay plugin support for PJ64!

I know.........how and who?


I seriously would love to play 3 of my friends in battle mode in Mario Kart 64 over the internet though.


The only emu with netplay support were earlier versions of Nemu64, and lets face it........Nemu64 sucks, netplay what games? Almost none worked.


Anyone with me? We should find out

A: How it can be done?

B: Who can we ask about it, if none of us are able to get on it?


I'd get involved with its creation, if I could.

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get the programmers to ask kaillera guys to give it support for netplay go just make your own emu and ask the guys of kaillera to give you support for netplay. As the second choice is almost impossible how about making a petition and get everybogy to sign it?

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Well if they don't plan on releasing another version, I would love to see the source released.

I would take a crack at adding netplay support. (My coding skills aren't great, and I've never done coding on anything emulation related before. But you gotta start somewhere right?)

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