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I Want A New Comp

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I checked out some of those POWMAX cases on their site. Never heard of them before, but they look pretty cool. If you got one of their Micro-ATX cases, it looks like the hard drive should go at the top, in the front, in front of the power supply. It'll mount in the little cage the same way your CD or DVD player did in the vertical cage below it. (As K' said)


If there are two sets of screw-holes and only one removable cover on the outside (as in their black and silver micro-atx and it looks like their acrylics too), mount the hard drive in the holes that are NOT behind the removable cover. This leaves that space open for a floppy or card reader or whatever later on.


If you didn't get a micro-ATX.. well.. oops, read K' 's post. (K's? K''s?) :P

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