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Japanese Snes Games

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Because of an accident i lost all my hd files including lots of snes roms and sites, i had a very good site that had lots of japanese games with it´s svreenshots, can someone help me finding it or a similar one? Thnx in advance.

BTW which areyour fav japanese games, name as much as you want,

i will start with Nekketsu kouha Kunio Kun which is a sort if sequel for river city ransom on the snes

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here is my japanese rom collection (works in progress)

Albert Oddyssey 1&2

Bahamut Lagoon

Bakumatsu Korinden Oni

Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai shin

Cyborg 009


Der Langrisser

Dual Orb 2

Feda Emblem of Justice

Hyper Iria

Gundam Wing Endless Duel (lame)

Lady Stalker


Rudra no Hihou

Star Ocean

Treasure Hunter G

Y's 4 Mask of the Sun

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