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Emulator Disc 2 - Handhelds


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another great post was found on


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BAED 2 Posting FAQ:


Q: What's your fill policy?


A: First of all, I backfill files that show incomplete on my ISP's server shortly after posting. This means

that if you simply refresh your headers, the file that showed incomplete before will be complete. Sometimes it

may take several hours for me to backfill an incomplete, but just wait.


Q: What should we NOT do?


A: Don't request fills from #a.b.c.i.x. They don't have them. They may have them once everyone else gets them,

but, as I said in the NFO for the first disc, I'm just a regular guy, not affiliated with any release groups or

anything, so right now I'm the only person with the files. If you need a fill, request it on the newsgroup. Please

do not request any fills until I'm finished posting. USE THE PAR2s! They are there for a reason. When posting

the last disc, people were requesting partial reposts before I finished the post, and before I posted the PAR2s at

the end of the post! Also, if your news server is so bad that you have to request a repost of the first 50 parts

when my posting progress hasn't even got up to part 60, well, sorry, but you just need a new news server. BAED2 has

10% PAR2s instead of the 5% that the first disc had, so hopefully that should be enough for most of you to fill in

the missing parts.




Q: So, what's on this sucker?


A: Gameboy: 1,480 games

Gameboy Color: 1,233 games

Gameboy Advance : 1,023 games

Game Gear: 413 games



Q: What's missing?


A: Well, the full set of GBA takes up over a DVD by itself, so obviously some things had to go. All hacks for all

of the systems are gone - only official games on this disc, and, of course, no overdumps or any crap like that. Several

official GBA games also had to go. Like on the first BAED, I deleted Euro games (and a couple of Jap games) for which

there is an identical American version.


Q: The new v10 of the XboyAdvance emulator just came out last week. Did you use that on your disc?


A: Yes. The collection of GBA ROMs also has the newest games, like Van Helsing and River City Ransom EX.


Q: This game won't boot on my Xbox. What do I do?


A: I don't know. Really, I don't. It tested fine for me. A couple people had this problem with the first disc

and I don't think anyone ever figured out what caused it. If you're one of those people, you'll likely have the

same problem with this disc because it was made the same way. Try updating your Xbox's BIOS. If it still doesn't

work, let me know, but be sure to include ALL the details about your Xbox you can think of, and whether or not

the first disc worked for you (if you have it).


Q: There are no stupid errors like menu entries mapped to the wrong emulator, are there?


A: No. :P It's easier to see problems like that when you're working with four systems instead of

fourteen. Also, this time none of the preview pictures are squashed, and ROMs for all systems are organized

by region (as categorized by GoodTools, then condensed, and subfolders added to folders with more than 100

ROMs, by me). If the game you're looking for isn't in the "U.S." folder, check the "World" folder. Many of

the most popular games were released in all regions.


Q: How do I burn this ISO?


A: Just like any normal Xbox ISO. I've only tested it with Alcohol 120%, but it should work fine with whatever

program you normally use.


Q: Why did you use the STORE attribute on the RAR archive? Do you like wasting space?


A: 99% of the content on the disc is already compressed. The emulators extract the games from ZIP files

automatically when you play. This lets me fit more games on the disc, but, of course, also makes the ISO

pretty much non-compressable.


Q: This FAQ is too long and there are no illustrations to keep my attention!


A: Sorry, I type fast and I'm probably not as succinct as I could be. :)


Q: Will there be a BAED 3 ?


A: Sure, why not?

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