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Mirc 6.15 Released

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A new version of the popular Windows-based IRC client has been released.


As says the announcement on the mIRC homepage, this new version is mostly a bugfix release:


"With this release we hope to address the most important comments, requests and remarks we received after the release of version 6.14. The new version fixes quite a few small bugs found in the previous versions. We tried to focus on fixing things, making the mIRC 6 series more an more sturdy, and only few new features and functions have been added."


You can see the complete list of changes here, and download the new version here.

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I still think 6.01 is the best mirc client since 5.16.

Really? How did the further updates ruin it?

The mostly some of the new bugs/olds came back to life and such, and some script errors (ones that were made for 5.X didn't work on all versions of 5.X and such)

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