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A Hackversion Of Chancast, Stirring Functions

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Maybe you can't belive it, but it is real.

Welcome to the real world!


Here is the pictures which the emu in under constructio...







The newest function


1 Speed Pig, for speed seeting. 90%

2 Cheat, for Cheat. 50%

3 ForceFeedback, for the dualshock. 10%

4 VMSManager, for Manage the VMS. 100%

5 ConfigureRegion, for setting the region. 100%

6 SnapIt, Snap pictures with hot key ALT+s. 95%

7 BugReport, link to here. 100%

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Excuse my ignorance, but what is SpeedPig exactly?

Yes, nice work indeed.

As far as I now is that it increases the speed of the refresh rate for your PC. It also speeds the emulator up by a lot.


What it does is this..

It just decreases the refresh time, it doesn't exactly improve the speed of your pc though. Each program has a delay time, not the same as frame skip, between each frame. What he does is, he improves the time up time. This makes it substantially faster as you can see the remarkable speed of the FPS. He also made support shock for Callus! (thanks to my bud for the information)

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So if my PC is say, 1 GHz, I can speed up the game to sorta emulate it's speed?

Yes, it should. It all depends though, you have to try it out and see. :lol:

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