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  1. chancast doesn't update yet,what do i neec to update?
  2. I am back download url : http://www.ff18.com/cemu/CemuUtilitiesv0.01.zip
  3. Cemu Utilities Ver 0.01 Usage 2016-10-26 01:00 GMT +8========================================================================== 愁 愁 愁 愁愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁 愁愁愁 愁 == 愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁愁愁愁 愁 愁愁愁愁愁愁 愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁愁 愁 愁 愁 愁愁 愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁愁 愁 愁 愁 == 愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁 愁愁愁愁 愁 愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 == 愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁 愁 愁愁愁 愁 愁愁愁愁愁愁 ========================================================================== This is a release of CEMU Utilities 0.01, for the WiiU Emulator CEMU for Win64. Requirements------------ - Windows 7 (x64) or above- OpenGL 4.0 (4.5 is used if available)- RAM: 4 GB minimum, 6 GB or more recommended- NVIDIA GPU or AMD GPU CEMU Utilities 0.01 Filelist--------------------------------DInput0.dll 4,590,080 -> Main programMakeUtilities.exe 43,008 -> Make "Cemu Utilities.exe" Check the files you get, if they are not the same as above, please go to http://www.ff18.com todownload one, or some functions may not work correctly. Usage----- Run "MakeUtilities.exe" to Create CEMU Utilities for offical version. A filenamed "Cemu Utilities.exe"should be appeared. You should see a "# Utilities #" menu when you run "Cemu Utilities.exe". There are 5 submenus in it. 1 Golden Finger -> Status 60%. -> 金手指 Golden Finger is finger make by pure gold, usually as the second finger in the right hanf. 2 Game Buster -> Status 10%. -> 遊戲克星 GameBuster is a game cheater(like CheatEngine). 3 Speed Pig -> Status 10%. -> 變速小豬 Speed Pig is a tool to increase or decrease the delay between refresh, so it should make the EMUrun faster or slower, but it is still according to your CPU. If it can't make your games fasterbecause your CPU is too slow, the delay between frame to frame is very little, so you won't noticea very large increase. 4 Snap IT -> Status 10% -> 截距滷味 This is a tool to snap a picture of EMU, the short key is ALT+S. All the snaps should be put inSNAPS folder. It snaps not only the game screen, but the entire Chankast window. 5 About CEMU Utilities This file which you are seeing. Contacts--------Kryso - The main programmer of CEMU UtilitiesE-Mail: none web: http://www.ff18.com Thanks to:--------- NASDAQ of NTES YY
  4. I am going to release a 6.0 version with Windows Mode and Cheat support. If cop see this message, please contact me at MSN.
  5. Hello GameCop, I am back here. I made a SFIII2ND Hack ROM, plz see it here ------------------link removed------------------
  6. the hotkey in 0.1 was exist. it is ALT+S, please see readme for detail. I am waiting for COP to get up, because I was tired too.
  7. You should setup up a new cleaning chankast to test.
  8. Actully, I modified 8253 controller but nothing
  9. You should open your windows clock first, and then run speedpig, see if you clock go fast or slower, and think about if you change the FSB, the clock should go fast or slower too?
  10. I had already send the release version to COP, ask him for detail
  11. Just missing a readme.txt file now, and I have to wait Cop to wake up, and the domain name become useful.
  12. if no the other problem, it should be release today.
  13. Gameshark code for Ikaruga 金手指碼(Gameshark) 残機無限(Infinite Life) 001D13EC 00000063 001D1231 00000063 能量全滿(Power Max) 011D13E8 00000078 011D13EA 00000078 分數最大(Points Max) 021D144C 3B9AC9FF 021D1450 3B9AC9FF 無敵(Never Die) 021D1594 00000000 021D15CC 00000000 續関次數最大(Credit Max) 0115C50C 00000063 全部隱藏内容開啓(Everything Open) 011CD778 000000FF 021CD780 00050505 here are the files as vmi and vms: http://jeffma.51.net/save/IKARUGA.VMI http://jeffma.51.net/save/IKARUGA.VMS pettry good, I need this format of cheat. 实在太好了。
  14. Cheat function was succeed, waiting for COP woke up to test.
  15. is there a gameshack or action replay code for ikaruga?
  16. Why don't you make it like gameshark/action replay codes. Their somewhat easier to make and apply. how ever I have no gameshark/action replay codes, and I don't know the format of them.
  17. I am wondering if anyone could help me to find cheat, I had already wrote a tool for it, if possible, please PM me or COP.
  18. it can change your PC's speed, i am not sure must be fast, but if you want to slower, it must be work.
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