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Vms Browser V1.0 / Dc Selfboot For Chankast!


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Elsemi (programmer of the Nebula and Nebula Model 2) has created this utility that allows you to see the games kept in the memory card from the Dreamcast that uses the Chankast. Also you can import kept games (you can find many on GameFaqs) to your VMU and and keep yours for interchanging. You can find the link to download it below.


Also a DC SelfBoot was released. It's actually a modified version by Franxis of the original made by Pedro. It avoids the error "this game is not compatible with the cable.." for many of the games! It works automatically and you can also set the speed you want to burn the cd on. The program does what it says, makes your Non-Self bootable games, Self Bootable! Very easy to use and all you have to do is change CONFIG.INI (only the first time) and you can make a selfboot CD automatically.


»» Download VMS Browser v1.0

»» Download DC SelfBoot (Modified by Franxis)


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»» Credits: http://emulatronia.com & http://dcemu.co.uk

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the vms browser is great news, but that selfboot is harder to use than it looks. I've known for awhile that fixing the bootfile can fix the vga cable issue, however I cannot get my cd-rom to read in dos, which is necessary for selfboot to work. Specifically, it has to show up as a SCSI drive.

I can help out anyone who wants to try it. I may not have used it successfully yet, but I have figured out everything about it in the process B)

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For some reason when I try to upload a.vmi it says "Can't open file."

And when I try a.dci it says there is not enough free blocks for this file.


And since it always says my free blocks are 0 I can't save in game either.


I read the readmes many times and also redownloaded the file. So what is the obvious thing I am doing wrong? =P

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You need to format the VMU unit in Chankast(boot without a game, will boot you into bios, then format the card from there) before you can do anything.

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