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Can Someone Help Me Find 2 Roms Plz

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Can someone Plz help me find A Nes rom...Just the name i'll do the rest


I Think its from Konami


I don't know the beggining sequence but i know the story.


Its about a boy whose Frog Mutates into a monster and the

boy chases him.


the little guy drives around in a little tank.


The other one I Don't have that much info on it :)


All i know is that the main character is a blue blob

that goes in pipes and that the last enemy is an eagle


My brother rented it when i was like 6 (he forgot the name 2)

so thats all i remember


Can someone Plz help me :)

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I bought the game I think u are referring to for the SNES. It was called Super Putty and the main character was indeed a blob of blue putty which u navigated around a series of platform levels.


Hope this is the right one!


Heres a small screen cap from zsnes to check it..



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