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The hard drive im getting is

60Gb Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 (



7200 RPM - 1 Yr Warranty - OEM Plain Boxed

But some of them come with something called 2 meg of ram buffer, what is ram buffer?

The dsl modem i have my eyes on are this

Speedcom+ ADSL USB Modem


Full-Rate Conexant ADSL USB Modem

more details.

This site is the cheapsest i have ever found in england if any one knows of any cheaper let me know please?!

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I have dreams about owning DSL i dreamed i wanted an mp3 and i got it after clicking it, i dreamed i could downloade the latest movies, i dreamed about roms that i would never struggle with again to downloade.l

I still have a dream :regurg:

Then i wake up and realise my dial up is laffing at me with an evil chuckle, when i get my dsl i will be borrowing my freinds digi cam, and will take you threw a satep by step guide on how to destroy a 56k dial up modem.

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I want a new HD too. Maybe another 40Gb would do me fine. I also want more RAM (256Mb more) and a new graphics card (Geforce 4 will do nicely).


I also saw a DVD re-writer for £199 today in the newspaper. I might have to get one of those too! Having all my roms on just a few disks would be great.


Now all I need is money...

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ive got a huge upgrade planned for my "down 'n' dirty" pc. the one i use for downloading, ripping dvds, etc... i want :


1-40-60gb internal hd

2-60-120gb external hd

3-new system board

4-new processor, p4 1.6-2.2ghz


once i have all of this, i will be a happy man. :wink: spare change anyone? :regurg:

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No spare change, but a suggestion.

Do not get an external hard drive if you have space for one inside. Unless.....

A: You just gotta have one you need for portability.

B: You get one that makes use of IEEE 1394 (Firewire) technology.


Even firewire is substantially slower than EIDE. If don't really NEED an external, don't bother.

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yah, i do kinda need the external hd. it will be for storing my entire rom collection, so i need to be able to move it from pc to pc. i already have firewire on one pc, i just need to get it on the other. :regurg:

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what the hell is ram buffer that comes with some of the hard drives? :D


A ram buffer is like a pre-writing area in the hard drive.

It's a chip used to store data that is going to be written to the hard drive.

It's just ensures steady flow of data, by buffering what needs to be written, while the data ahead of it IS being written.


Ever streamed music? The player willl buffer some of it before it starts playing, so you don't run out of data before the entire song has played.

Works on the same principle.

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