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Annoying problem with Goodwindows...


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the ;;n being to tell the program for each specific auditing tool, to exclude these roms. (n = no don't include these, and it appears nothing = yes include these)


cool. fixin it right now. :regurg:

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The point in them is not having duplicates you would otherwise think are different versions of a rom, having a proper list of known dumps. And being more organized.

Trust me..........if you audited all you're roms. I bet you would find you had some dupes and/or bad roms. (Bad doesnt mean you cant play em............but they are most likely roms with incorrect headers etc and not properly dumped roms)

You would be surprised the ammount of morons that buy something to dump their carts, don't do it properly........and then circulate their dumps all over the net.

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Fair enough i see what you mean, ive often thought that some of,y roms are dodgy i.e. Garoup, worked for 6 months, then bang, cannot read programs roms = wha in gods fukin name??????


Thats beside the point (but it really gets my goat), i know what u mean, but as long as they play, im ok.........Garoup is still gay in neoragex

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