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Dreamcast Disk Drive Problems?

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Alright cool, I'm no longer worried about the sound since I haven't heard anything weird again. Just sounds like its reading the disc and then it goes away while I'm playing the game.


And I'm planning on getting this VGA Box: Looks like a cool VGA Box. The bid ends in 4 hours so I don't know if any of you will get to read this in time before I place a bid for it, but I would like to hear your comments.

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Some DC games look stunning with a VGA box. It is well worth the effort of getting one.

Awesome! I bought this one today. Not a bad deal since on Lik Sang it is $59.99 and on Play Asia it's $54.95.


Which games look stunning on VGA? I would like to try those out. The main reason I got a VGA Box is just because its more convenient to play on my monitor even though its only 17". And do some games reduce in quality when they are played on VGA?


And another thing, is there a place on the internet where I can find a list of games that aren't VGA Box compatible so I know on which games to do Shiba's Non VGA trick. Or should I just do it by trial and error?


I'm so exicted now! I got a Dreamcast, my VGA Box is on the way (or will be soon), and my semester is coming to an end!

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