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Re-making Rom Pieces


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Okay, I'm using a set of ROMS that were verified for FBAx-Ghozt with the new FBA-XXX and I've got the ROMS and pieces named correctly, however there's a couple of pieces which have the wrong size and won't run. Is there a way for me to "build" them to a different size??


For instance, these are the pieces that I'm trying to get the right size:


264-m1.bin from rotdn.zip needs to be size 128k (mine's currently 64k)

266-m1.bin from pim.zip needs to be size 256k (mine's currently 128k)

263-m1.bin from mslug4nd.zip needs to be 128k (mine's currently 64k)


Are there some tools I can use to achieve this or would someone be willing to send me the pieces if you have them??

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create a new.txt file

inside, put:


copy 264-m1.bin + 264-m1.bin 264-m1.bin.new

copy 266-m1.bin + 266-m1.bin 266-m1.bin.new

copy 263-m1.bin + 263-m1.bin 263-m1.bin.new


save the txt document as runme.bat put it in the same folder as all of your m1 files. The 26x-m1.bin.new files are the new ones that should be the correct length.

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That's easy just double the sive by merging one fine with itself.



ex: copy /b 264-m1.bin +264-m1.bin 264-m2.bin


make the new name of the file (264-m2.bin) different from the original and move to a new folder. Now rename it in the new folder back to the original name(264-m1.bin )

It should be double the size and ready to use. now put all other files needed into the folder with the newley sized file and zip.Do not put the original 264-m1.bin into the new folder. Name the zip to the correct name need for the rom to show up.

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yeah gogo didn't update the drivers to their proper sizes.


all 3 of those games you mentioned really do use 64kb m1's also for anyone getting kof2k1 the m1 in that is 128kb and not 256kb that kawa-x has it set too.

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