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Overclock Your Pc

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Thanks, but no thanks. I'm scared of overclocking.

I feel the same way. I just don't have the $$ to pay to fix/buy a new mobo&cpu if mine were to get fried.

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Man, I gave up overclocking years ago. Back when Icrontic was at its heydey. Back when Morton owned it and when they had lots of active users. I rarely post at Icrontic now; I used to post there like I do here years ago when I was into overclocking. I was an overclocking fiend buying all the latest fans to gets the coolest temperature, ghettofying my case, placing a damn wall fan right at the side of my case to get it even cooler.


I once overclocked my 1.1 Ghz Athlon to a stable 1.4 Ghz. :ph34r: Take it from me, overclocking isn't worth it. The performance increase isn't significant if you only overclock one thing. You'll see a nice jump if you overclock your mobo, processor, and graphics card. But you need hardcore cooling for that. :P


Maybe when I get a new processor and I won't be using this old one, then I'll overclock the crap out of it. :blink:

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