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Next Version Official With Psikyo Games


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its just sega hes adding since he doesn't know the driver for psikyo games yet.


sega games were in the original final burn but was removed in fba due to the driver being buggy but the old source still has the drivers which i'm guessing he found a way to add them :lol:

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The TMNT driver does have sprites. In fact I would say that it has less graphical bugs than the finaburn shinobi driver.


Check out fbaxb1 or b2 (perhaps even b3), as we were given permission to sneak the TMNT driver in there, but we took it out as it has no sound and no one noticed it was there. Just stick TMNT.zip in your roms folder,IIRC.


Also if anyone porting the sega stuff from finalburn to FBAx is reading this then this version http://www.geocities.com/finalburnff/ has force feedback support. Also tell artik he is a wanker.

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