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Next Version Official With Psikyo Games


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Also tell artik he is a wanker.

Artik dont hang out here bro. Your talkin to the wrong group. Thanks for the info though.

Yes I know. :-D I just assumed that if the person who is porting the sega stuff over will have contact with him, hence:


Also if anyone porting the sega stuff from finalburn to FBAx is reading this then this version http://www.geocities.com/finalburnff/ has force feedback support. Also tell artik he is a wanker.
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yeah man artik is one of the last ppl i'll like to see around here again for the stupid stunt he did.


also i like to let the ppl that compile know theres a way to play some of the 30 updated roms for neogeo. most of the roms have SWAPC in their driver and in fba SWAPC works only in megabytes and thx to DethXec at romshare you can remove the SWAPC in some roms and they will work fine


some roms like 3 count bout don't have SWAPC but if you add it it works fine


6 roms so far that i know don't work doing this is: kotm2, kizuna, sengoku2, samsho4, rbffspec, shocktro and shocktra.

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