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The Best Series Games


Which Is The Most Succesful Game Series?  

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Why hasn'y anybody mentioned the zelda series.  sure, the story continuation of the plot throughout the multiple platforms is pretty stupid, it is definately one of the "better" series out there.

Oh damn...how could we forget about Zelda? :unsure:


I've never actually owned any Zelda games since the NES one but I've played them all and they are quite fantastic.

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Also the Quake series, the Thief series, the System Shock series and the Ultima series.


Thief rules.

System Shock isn't really a series since they're only 2 games. But I love them! System Shock 2 is the creepiest PC game I've played. Its on my Top 5. I wish they would make a third one.


Quake is a good series. I wonder how Quake IV will be. I hear they're going back to single player for that one.


Theif isn't truly a series yet, but the third one is on its way so it can be called a series. I didn't like Theif 1 too much but I absolutely loved Theif 2. Wow that game was good.


Ultima was meh. Ultima 9 was terrible. That game crashed on me so much! I just downloaded Ultima 8 and am trying to get the sound to work properly but its not so it's pissing me off! Ultima 6 or 7 is probably my favorite one.


Oh and another series, the Daggerfall series. That was all good. :huh:

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