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Hello! Recently I've been having problems with my computer and I know how helpful you guys can be. Maybe someone here can figure it out.


I've recently updated Windows XP and now when I start windows and select my user name, it takes forever to start up, after around 10 min I did a ctrl+alt+delete to see what's been taking so long to load. It seems Im getting around 30 (or more, never counted, just ended them all) RUNDLL32 processes taking up all my CPU Usage. One time I even had around 5 devldr32.exe running I had to shut down. I have no clue as to what is causing this.



Microsoft Windows XP


Version 2002




Pentium® 4 CPU 1.70GHz

1.69 GHz

512 MB of RAM


Other information that might be useful.


100 GB Hard Drive

Used Space: 40.9 GB

Free Space: 52.2 GB


Nvidia GeForce FX 5600 Ultra 128 MB DDR


Processes Currently Running:


System Idle Process 20 K

System 224 K

smss.exe 472 K

csrss.exe 3,832 K

winlogon.exe 1,824 K

services.exe 3,216 K

lsass.exe 1,928 K

svchost.exe 5,016 K

svchost.exe 14,652 K

svchost.exe 4,240 K

spoolsv.exe 5,416 K


nvsvc32.exe 2,716 K

explorer.exe 23,144 K


ctfmon.exe 2,836 K

devldr32.exe 3,240 K

cmd.exe 1,392 K

tasklist.exe 3,764 K

wmiprvse.exe 4,672 K

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When you get into Windows, go to RUN and open up MSCONFIG. Then goto the STARTUP tab and see what's checked. If you have virus software, that should be the only box checked. Uncheck all the rest and restart. See what happens and report back.

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Well, Im pretty fluent in XP (Thanks to TweakXP.com) and I tried just about everything. Finally I just gave up and used system restore. I caught the problem right away so I just had to revert back to yesterday to fix my problems. I guess I can't update windows again. It's not a big problem though, everything runs fine. I just thought it was about time I updated again.

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