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Who was XXLEnigma


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Oh this guy. I came into the emulation scene when people started to realize XXL was being stupid on A@H :lol:


Anywayz, hes pretty dumb for keeping up his childish ways. He tried to)


Recruit some of the admins to his forums

Posted numerous times on how GC gave viruses

posted lies

And many other stuff :)

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hehe, no, my friend Ryan was here, and we just mess around constantly, everything is either...


Mom Jokes

Drug Jokes

Shfifty Five

Your mom on wheels!!!

Granpa Phillips

sex jokes

Halo jokes


we just mess around constantly and goof off alot :lol:


Examples-mom jokes...we have like 10 million, you know what a mom joke is, i wont bother, you know what drug jokes are, which we also have tons of...Shfifty Five is that flash video, we know the entire thing by heart and will randomly sing the entire thing, and everytime there is a question that can be answered with a number, the answer is shfifty five, and other related things from the video, Your Mom On Wheels, is pretty much calling your mom a hoe riding frm guy to guy, but we say everything is one wheels B) OMFG!!! LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!!! ITS AN OLD DUDE ON WHEELS!!!, Granpa Philips..heh...pretty much we where down in florida, and EVERY news report all day long was about someone being raped, this one was This guy raped his 4 year old grandaughter and his name was Granpa Philips!! XD we just make fun of him for that (and if you get it...Philips...screwdriver...rape...yeah..whatever) you know what sex jokes are..Halo Jokes, hehe, Hey Ryan Lets go upstairs and get a coke!! Sure!! PUNCH IT!!! (and other random lines), stupid ass things like that


we tie that crap into everything we say when we are around each other just because we goof off too much and are crazy bastards :P

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Oh yeah and then there is my friend Kyle, he is on the swim team and its so funny because teh chlorine eats away at him


his hair is white, falling out, and his skin is peeling and hes like AHHH IM CHAFING!!!


so we call him chafe kid and were always like, so how are you and your pile of chafe? and stuff hehe


yeah we can be quite stupid...

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actually, he was banned by that ban addict Goku at Romshare Forums(who I'm thankful is banned) because he posted a site that had ps2 isos and crap like think(think it was suprnova)

He also did many other thing behind the scenes with Goku. He was PM'ing him a lot trying to cause problems. He was also making a lot of useless topics and never read the rules. He didn't do as many bad things in EmuChina then here and Arcade@Home. I've heard a lot of crazy junk though from a ton of forums. One to note is that he posted pro-nazi stuff on DCEmulation and got his ass way banned on the forum. I also must note he is in the US Military as well which makes it even sadder.


He's also a drama queen on forums, always trying to make people feel sorry for him. He would make a huge thread that he is LEAVING the forum FOREVER and he then would come back in a week just to make people feel bad for him. The guy is a freak.


Sometimes he would cause problems and get us spam attacked or some messed up stuff. It's happened numerous occasions. He's even threatened to kill me a ton of times and would spam my PM box calling me the "n" word. (the racial slur) Some people have even told me they traced him and gotten all his information, full name, address, etc. So I warn all you spammers, don't spam because your asking for trouble from everyone on this site and other sites you may ever go to.

lol,if i was a mod,I will ban his @$$ out of him,lol

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