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Its Official Now, no more NeoGeo


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do you think my outdated geforce2 mx400 will be able to handle atomiswave graphics IF its ever emulated?

Its not just whether its emulated, its about HOW it gets emulated. For example, take Tekken 3 - if I were to play it (the Playstation version) on ePSXe on my pc it would run a little slow. The arcade version, in ZinC, however would run faster even though the ZN-1 is actually more powerful than the Playstation. In Mame it would run at a snails pace.


That is because ePSXe is (I think) HLE (High Level Emulation), while ZinC is LLE. Mame strives to be as accurate as possible to the original arcade, so it is, if anything, super HLE.


I know almost nothing about emulators and how these things work, but basically it is about how the emulators process the code - whether it emphasises speed or accuracy.

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