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Hey yall i have started cutting gif,s im not to good at them at the moment but im getting there i will uploade them as they come.

If uploade is not fixed yet i will leave the thread floating for now because gamecops says everything will be cool soon:bounce:

if it does load up you just need something that can view gif.

Most of my stuff will be neo geo.

Hope you like my attempts:)


not yet with the looks of stuff

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I was very young when maradonna did jekyl and hyde against england. The curly haired little freak he is.

If you have any submissions from neo ripping or any other crazy animation i would love to see it, i cant stop doing them, i tried cutting the boss on metal slug two the one that east the tower and you have to leg it upwards, man that was hard i was not far of but missed some chunks of the snapshots,im currently working on the bloke on the toilet from metal slug one level five [ i think level five]

I WANT TO SEE YOUR WORK when we can post submissions again:bounce:

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COOL, can you make on efrom Maradona dribbling  

Don´t worry it doesn´t have to be in the 86´match against England =) :(:


That is the second best goal ever. The best was in the same match when he did the "hand of god". MARADONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNA GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL. *cough* sorry

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