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Problem with Xbox mod chip


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Are you trying to run these games off of your hard drive? I know that the new 007 game (Everything or Nothing) won't run off the HDD without being patched. I have the proper default.xbe and driving.xbe you need to run 007 from a hard drive if you want me to send them to you.

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dude you dont have a problem.

you have a solderless xecuter 2.3 lite plus.

sometimes if you move the system the chip can come out of allignment

all you need to do is if you are bringing the system out with you carry a

screwdriver kit so that you can open it up and put the chip in the right position. with the power on turn the chip off (the outside board, turn the first switch to right). keep moving the chip until you see two blue lights and a green light shining on the chip inside (you will only get the green light with the chip in the off position) make sure you tighten the chip in the right position so that it dont come out of position again. and that is it.

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that doesn't make any sence that the mod is to cause the problem with reading media (if the mod isn't on right, it wouldn't boot up).


i might suggest you try cleaning the lens on your dvd-rom and see if that improves. also be sure to get the latest versions of whatever app you use.

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