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Street Fighter games for kawax


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you've probably got the right files, they are just either a) named incorrectly or 8) have the wrong crc.


There are tons of versions of some roms out there. Your best best is to get the original Kawaks and make a clrmamepro dat file, then loading the dat file into clrmamepro.


THEN allow clrmamepro to go through and fix your roms. It's a pain to understand at first, but once you get the hang of it, Clrmamepro will be one of your best friends 8)



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my Sfalfa3 works, so, if i compare the files with the ones that doesn´t work and rename them, meybe should do the work or, if anyone knows any site that the roms runs on kawax..... better.



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get romcenter, its easier then clrmame to me at least to me. kawa-x comes with both dats.


some capcom games have parent roms so its best to use either romcenter or clrmame to make sure your files are playable

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