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Help with Andro Dunos 049-c3 & 049-c4 bin files


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In KawaX you have to have these 2 files 049-c3.bin and 049-c4.bin. I have downloaded numerous Andro Dunos roms and cant find those 2 files to save my life. If anyone has them please PM me or contact me over AIM @ TravAzz. Or if you know where I can find them please state the site. Thanks in advance.



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hey...i had this problem as well...what you need to do is take a hex editor and create two c roms of that size filled with only zeroes (blank data)


since it checks for rom-name after the CRC isn't found, it will load them in and fill the needed requirements needed to load the rom....and viola. you're all set.





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after speaking to prican, i realized that i may have not just had blank data...i may have copied c1 to c3 and c2 to c4.


It's redundant data, but it should work.









hope this helps



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