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  1. First off, this is probably a dumb question, but I have to ask it. Can I still play online with my PS2 if it is modded? I have a new DMS3 chip and was just wondering. I know on the XBox if you have it modded you can't play online unless the chip is off. I don't want to play backups of my games, just originals. WWE Smackdown vs RAW is coming out with online capabilities and I was curious if I could play it online. Another question is, i have a 120 gig hdd in my ps2 that I can load my backups from. Will I have to take this out to play online? Thanks
  2. I am very interested in modding my PS2, but my modding skills are terrible. I know I will fry my PS2 if I try soldering the chip. Is there any place that will sell and install the chip on my PS2? Thanks TravAzz
  3. When I load KOF2k1n, it stalls on loading the srom. Also in NITD it stays on the warning screen saying it shouldnt be played on anything but an SNK board. Is there anything I can do to get them to work? Thanks for the help Travis
  4. In KawaX you have to have these 2 files 049-c3.bin and 049-c4.bin. I have downloaded numerous Andro Dunos roms and cant find those 2 files to save my life. If anyone has them please PM me or contact me over AIM @ TravAzz. Or if you know where I can find them please state the site. Thanks in advance. Travis
  5. Is there a P1 that has all of the characters available at the character select screen? If so could someone please point me in the direction to get it? Thanks
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