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Where To Find *Dreamkey 3*

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I'm new to these forums and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could download *Dreamkey 3* (I cannot use DC++ or bit torrent because I'm behind a hardware firewall)


If anyone is able to help I would really appreicate it.


Thank you. :huh:

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i think you mean you dont need a BBA if your using Planetweb 3


My planetweb disc works with both the modem and the BBA, i use it in both my BBA DCs and my Modem DCs


Side Note: Im in need of a few more BBAs, does anyone know where to buy them at a somewhat reasonable price? the cheapest i found was 120 bucks, and i could buy a few more DCs for that

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I know thats weird about ebay, when you dont have any money or intrest for something they have it, but when you're looking for something it's either too damn expensive or they dont have it, do you know where i can find a sreet fight 3 stratagey guide? 3 not alpha 3.

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Dreamkey 3 is not compatible with BBA. at least mine isnt anyway and mine is an origional.


And btw, I dont think the BBA was released in Europe which is where Dreamkey 3 was released.


This is the guy I bought my DreamKey disc from on Ebay, he does ship to the States but I dont think the disc will work there, maybe if you use DC-IE or some other import disc:


DreamKey 3.0 Disc on Ebay

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