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Noob Help with kof 2k2 pim

Giga X

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I got kof2k2 i renamed the files and checked out the sizes


kof2k2nd.zip (KoF 2002 decrypted : fully decrypted) :

265-p1n.bin -> 1 Mb

265-p2n.bin -> 4 Mb

kf2k2_s1.rom -> 128 Kb

265-m1d.bin -> 128 Kb

265-v1d.bin -> 4 Mb

265-v2d.bin -> 4 Mb

265-v3d.bin -> 4 Mb

265-v4d.bin -> 4 Mb

kf2k2_c1.rom -> 8 Mb

kf2k2_c2.rom -> 8 Mb

kf2k2_c3.rom -> 8 Mb

kf2k2_c4.rom -> 8 Mb

kf2k2_c5.rom -> 8 Mb

kf2k2_c6.rom -> 8 Mb

kf2k2_c7.rom -> 8 Mb

kf2k2_c8.rom -> 8 Mb


but when i try to load the game i get an error 265-p1n.bin (9381750d)


what is it that i need to do to fix it?


also for pim.zip

i get can't load 266-c1.bin (e564ecd6)

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giga x what did you do to fix your 2k2 problem? I have the same exact problem as you did

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