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KOF2003 ... Hidden Art?

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This is on the main page of neogamez, Now is that Art IN the game, or just Photoshoped from something?


I dunno if the guy's saying you have to equip kyo and it comes up after the credits or what ?! [No, babelfish on altavista didn't help, it didn't make much extra sense]


Anyhow, I'm off to try that trio and see if it turns up...

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And Kyo of course. You get that picture if you beat Mukai as that team, just wait for the credits to finish.

"Kyo of course"? That's the first time I've seen Kyo in an outfit like that. I haven't played KOf2003 yet.

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Yep, that's Kyo, I think that's supposed to be his new gear but he's zipped his jacket up.


Just beat the game with them three...dunno what other sets might turn stuff up.


Also, if they keep sticking heads like that on other KOF characters [ I mean Benimaru here, but Kyo's Victory Quote pic isn't exactly manly], I'm gonna start questioning my sexuality.


Anyway, nice surprises in this game so far. I like. [Also got mai's tits a-bobbin' ! :rolleyes:]

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