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Worst KoF2003 character sprite?

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I don't like the flame effect on Ash's Ventôse move. It just looks...weak, you know. Not much substance to it.

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... I guess I'd have to say Ash, because he looks like a flaming transvestite.

Looks like? Have you seen what Benimaru says to Ash when Benimaru beats him?


My votes... First, I'll mention changes I like.

1- Yuri. her new sprite makes her look more girlish, and less like a short woman (she's what, 15? 16? and has been since 1996? continuity error here.)

2- Kyo. His new sprite is nice. Like a mix ofhis old outfits, minus that 1997-era wallet chain.

3- Terry. The new look is good, and was carried over into 2003 quite well (personal opinion).

4- DuoLon. awesome outfit.

5- Malin. Cute? Lethal? Not a paedobait little boy? Good. There may be hope for Japan yet.


And now, changes I hate.

1- Benimaru. OK, it wasn't a secret to begin with, and that red miniskirt from KoF2000 was down-right uncalled-for, but this... this is almost too much. Those tight black leather pants, the tight and high-cut leopard-spot shirt... This "man" is ON FIRE. Oh, and although Falcoon's work is pretty awesome, he could have tried a little harder to make Benimaru's character-select profile look less like a 45-year old woman with wild hair.

2- King/Ryo/Iori. This is probably the last MVS iteration of KoF, could they have at least left us with some updated sprites?

3- DuoLon. That awesome outfit is too distracting; it's flowing all over the place.


But the worst of all...

Malin. SHUT UP!! Every time she performs a special move, there's this annoying squaking high-pitched voice. Ugh. And what the heck does she say at the beginning of the fight? I can barely make it out. Undoubtedly the most annoying thing about the game.

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