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Why no Robert Garcia in the SVC or CVS games?

Fatal Rose

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Dan's SVCC Intro with Mr.Karate owns.


K`, Gato, Eiji, Takuma (Not Mr.Karate, their the same person but yeah, Takuma = Mr.Karate), Butt (from MotW), Asura (Samurai Shodown 64), Blue Mary, Kevin Ryan(also from MotW), Lin, Dante (from Devil May Cry), Chris or Leon (from Resident Evil), Gen(SFA), Yang(SF3), Puma, Jimmy, Lynn, Johnathan (Last 4 characters from Rage of the Dragons), Keade, Yuki, Amaon(Last 3 from The Last Blade). My list can go on forever <_<


Those as for Robert, he would slick against other fighters on Capcom's side. I would want to see Robert against Dan! That would be so halirous!

that would be hilarious. anyways Robert would own Dan easily.

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...........................or they could call it KOF UNION...


just a suggestion, doesn't hurt anyone.....does it?


It's the name of my Comic.....

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