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How come KOF2k3 work in MAME but no NRX/Kawaks?

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It's obvious that MAME has something special that the other emus don't have. I thought I might try to figure out what it was myself. I used a hex editor and went through all the files in the emu. After nearly an hour, I found the dat file which was HUGE. After ages of searching through that, I found the KOF2k3 data which was the same as the ones that we all tried to use for Kawaks but didn't work.


This was used in MAME:



























(It wasn't layed out like this)


I tried it in other emus and it don't work but it does for MAME. Does anyone know why?

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also the bios are different, so i guess they just went into the mame programming and changed the definitions of the neo geo bios to the ones used in kof2003.

btw how did it take you that long to find them. if you changed the mame.exe to a.txt you can find the things by just searchin for one of the rom names

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I tried this out with a different loader for kawaks and it seemed to work except the I got a blue and white grid. I'm guessing this has to do with the talked about new P1.bin file that's still to come out for it to work. I think I saw a p1 file on filemirrors.com but am not sure this is the one everyone is looking for.



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