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  1. Anyone know how to get the AVI creator to work cuz everytime I use it, Nebula crashes.
  2. Could someon tell me one for the newest gba roms? Or the most popular one? Or does anyone have like a list of all the good ones?
  3. Theres a video that I downloaded of a custom combo done by M.Bison in CvS2 using A Groove. You know how his sweep is like right? Well he kept doing that for ages and juggled the CPU for about 5 seconds and then doing that "F,D,DF,HP" move where he drops his fist which he did again and again for another 5 seconds. Its hard for me to explain but it looked VERY impressive. I'll post a link to the video if I can find it again.
  4. I heard from loadsa places that the rom is out but is VERY RARE. Anyone know where I can get it from?
  5. It's obvious that MAME has something special that the other emus don't have. I thought I might try to figure out what it was myself. I used a hex editor and went through all the files in the emu. After nearly an hour, I found the dat file which was HUGE. After ages of searching through that, I found the KOF2k3 data which was the same as the ones that we all tried to use for Kawaks but didn't work. This was used in MAME: [Program] 271-p1.bin,0,100000,92ed6ee3,0 271-p2.bin,100000,400000,5d3d8bb3,0 [Text] 271-s1.rom,0,20000,c47f8ac3,0 [Z80] 271-m1d.bin,0,20000,0e86af8f,0 [samples] 271-v1d.rom,0,400000,d2b8aa5e,0 271-v2d.rom,400000,400000,71956ee2,0 271-v3d.rom,800000,400000,ddbbb199,0 271-v4d.rom,C00000,400000,01b90c4f,0 [Graphics] 271-c1.rom,0,800000,e42fc226,0 271-c2.rom,1,800000,1b5e3b58,0 271-c3.rom,1000000,800000,d334fdd9,0 271-c4.rom,1000001,800000,0d457699,0 271-c5.rom,2000000,800000,8a91aae4,0 271-c6.rom,2000001,800000,9f8674b8,0 271-c7.rom,3000000,800000,374ea523,0 271-c8.rom,3000001,800000,75211f4d,0 (It wasn't layed out like this) I tried it in other emus and it don't work but it does for MAME. Does anyone know why?
  6. Whats so special about the dev mode Kawaks? Anyone got it?
  7. The best one to get is EZFA. Thats the one I have. It runs all the programs mentioned and works on the GBASP unlike a few other carts. Its even one of the fastest ones too. Anotehr good thing about it is that the person who made the cart, updates the software very often on his message board. The cart has a Real Time Clock and it will even let you use the online adaptor. All other carts can't do that. I can go on but ain't gonna bother. Just buy EZFA.
  8. Whats the best site to upload loads of roms on to and doesn't suspend the account? I wanna create a mirror for all the big roms that are released here.
  9. I know it doesn't use a dat file but it obviously has that data stored somewhere. Nad if its not possible then how are all the NRX hacks made?
  10. We all know how to edit the DAT in Kawaks and Nebula but how can you compile your own NeoRageX with your own dat?
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