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Kof2k3 on Kawaks


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it should work fine on mame so long you got the extra 64MB in your xbox.


as for kawa-x you need to wait for the proper p1


quick question, what rom did you use for kof2k3 on kawa-x?

Prican, that emu can be downloaded from here:



It has the rom set names included as well. Haven't tried it yet; no clue how playable (if at all) KOF 2003 is on that Kawa-X hack.


I feel like we're never going to see this mythical P1 fix everyone keeps talking about. :huh:



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hmm intresting the info has all games there (2 svc's isn't really needed) and even the rotd listed there has the s1.


i'm gonna test this :huh:


update: he used ragnagrd which is Operation Ragnagard for rotd so its not using all games but a nice alternative to the kawa-hex deafault 2

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maybe on mameox but with xbox 128 mb ( pics from french xbox site )






on kawa-x ( launch but not correctly )




I just noticed this post, i probably wouldnt have posted mine.....


yea i get the same thing as the mame screenshots.


Although i have a little more memory free but still not enough.

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